Nisso Levi, a Miami resident since 1980, achieved business success in merchandising and telecommunications. He graduated from Rome’s renowned Politecnico Carlo Cattaneo, in the combined Architecture Construction Environmental Studies discipline. Nisso began building structures that make use of his extensive knowledge of functionality along with a meticulous attention to detail.

            Nisso established Nisso Levi Development Group to develop luxury custom residences with bold simplicity. Many residential properties which bear Nisso’s stylish imprint are located on Miami’s exclusive Palm Island, the Venetian Isles, and the Island of Biscaya. As a licensed real estate associate with EWM in Miami Beach, Nisso integrates his building knowledge to market and sell his own projects in addition to many other fine properties.


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Susana Levi believes in color, texture and the abundant use of light in the interiors she creates. Her design aesthetic is inspired by her time living in Italy and Brazil, in addition to having travelled extensively. Through the use of select materials, Susana integrates unconventional and elegant textures to form unique living spaces for unique individuals. A graduate of UCLA and a Miami resident for 30 years, Susana’s design sensibility reflects a global influence as diverse as Miami’s local culture.